Saturday, March 2, 2013

Studio Lighting Workshop

Last week I attended a studio lighting workshop. It was interesting, and surprisingly straightforward. I used my macro lens. which is something I don't usually do for portaits, and it worked really well, especially for the sharpness of the eyes. There was a lovely model called Hannah who was very patient with those of us learning the fundamentals of indoor portraiture.
Here are some shots from the evening:
The first type of lighting was Rembrandt lighting. This it lit by one soft box at 45 degrees to the right and 45 degrees above her. This is the type of lighting you would get through a window.and gives a shadow to one side of the face with a highlight on the cheek of the shadow side. In this shot a reflector has also been added to the bottom left to open up the shadows a bit.
This is the same lighting set up, but since Hannah's head is turned away from the key light she has more shadow down her right side. This is my favourite image of the night, but next time I would brush the hair back from the left side of the face, as I think the shadow created by the hair is somewhat distracting. I would also move in closer for a tighter crop.

This image is lit by the soft box and three reflectors. See how the skin has a warmer tone due to the use of gold reflectors:

And this one has a kick light in the background to add a highlight along the edge of the hair to separate it from the background a little.

The key light here is a beauty dish in front, and there's also a reflector underneath. this is butterfly lighting, because appearently the shadow under the nose is butterfly shaped-although I can't see it!

So I enjoyed the workshop, and learned a lot too.
But I still prefer natural light portraits!

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